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Do you have tax trouble?

tax trouble fix discussion

Are you trying to get out of your tax trouble? Scary, incomprehensible letters that come in brown envelopes? Penalties? Interest? Review? Examination?

Have you made a mistake that you need to fix?

Do you understand your obligations? Do you need a better approach to deal with them?

Tax trouble can often be fixed if you deal with it proactively. However, it will not go away on its own and the cost to fix it only increases with time. Please don’t let it compromise your business and personal priorities.

CRA employees are just trying to do their job. You should respect them for their service and be professional. If you have tax trouble you should also understand two more important things about the CRA:

1. They have the power to inflict a lot of pain and eat up a lot of your time; please handle with care.

2. In my experience the CRA appears to be organized in such a way that negotiation is difficult and requires a lot of patience. An understanding of your options is a must to have any hope of resolving a dispute in your favour. 

Take the first step to putting your tax trouble behind you. Even better, stop it before it starts.

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Leave your tax worries with us. We have you covered.

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