Save tax, save time, worry less

Our tax saving services include:

Income splitting with family members with lower tax rates

Shifting income to years when you will have a lower tax rate

Maximizing the value of your estate by reducing your tax on death

Tax planning and instructions for:

- incorporation
- amalgamation
- wind-up and dissolution
- tax deferred roll-over
- start-up or business expansion
- investing in a business
- newcomers to Canada
- leaving Canada
- buying a business
- selling a business
- capital gains exemption
- tax-free capital dividend
- shareholder agreements
- shareholder buyouts
- owner compensation
- small business limit
- tax incentives such as SR&ED, R&D Tax Credits, NS Equity Tax Credit
- certificate of compliance related to the disposition of taxable Canadian property
- foreign income verification statement
- foreign affiliates
- use of tax losses and allowable business investment loss (ABIL)

Please contact Chris for a free initial consultation:

Mobile 902 401 5324

2830 Agricola Street, Unit 1
Halifax NS B3K 4E4

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